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Curevo has assembled a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals and scientific advisors who are experts in immunology, protein science, adjuvant technology, clinical trial, and regulatory operations.

Our shared goal is to reduce the burden of infectious disease and to address important unmet medical needs globally through our commitment to ushering safe and highly effective vaccines from the bench through clinical development and to market.

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Curevo Vaccine brings excellence in clinical operational management and oversight to accelerate the path to commercialization.


Our R&D and manufacturing partnerships bring extensive scale-up and pipeline development capabilities.


Curevo’s vaccine has been developed for easy scale-up at different production sites to meet global demand.

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Why Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Vaccine?

To date, there is only one recombinant HZ vaccine available on the market. This vaccine is more effective than the older live attenuated virus vaccine for reducing the risk of both shingles and postherpetic neuralgia. Based on this data, in October 2017, the CDC issued a recommendation for the universal use of recombinant HZ vaccine for the prevention of HZ in immunocompromised adults over the age of 50. However, the existing recombinant HZ vaccine is associated with increased prevalence and severity of local and systemic side effects. In addition, the raw material and production limitations have resulted in a chronic short supply of the vaccine. 

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