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Our overall goal is to bring a safer, well-tolerated, highly effective vaccine to the market with a high-yield manufacturing process for rapid global availability. More specifically, the goal of the Varicella program is to provide a non-live virus Chickenpox vaccine for immunocompromised pediatric populations.

Curevo Vaccine

our first vaccine candidate is CRV-101

CRV-101 is an investigational adjuvanted sub-unit vaccine for the indication of prevention of Herpes Zoster in older adults. The adjuvanted sub-unit vaccine strategy contrasts to traditional approaches using live killed or attenuated virus. Sub-unit vaccines do not contain virus components and cannot cause infection. The adjuvant component was specifically engineered to produce an optimal immune response while using a smaller amount of adjuvant with a targeted structure-function approach.

Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Program – protection from Shingles in older adults

Varicella (Chickenpox) Program - protection from Varicella infection in immunocompromised children. We are actively seeking organizations to partner with us on this program.

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Herpes Zoster

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) is a painful blistering skin rash caused by a reactivation of VZV. Shingles rash on the face near the eye can cause vision loss and other neurological problems. About 1 in 10 people with Shingles develop nerve pain, called postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) that does not go away for months or even years after the rash has resolved. In individuals with a weakened immune system, reactivation of VZV can be very serious and in some cases, life-threatening.

Shingles is known as the "Belt of Fire"
Shingles is known as the "Belt of Fire"

Anyone who has had Chickenpox or had the live attenuated Chickenpox vaccine can develop Shingles.

Once children are infected with chickenpox, the Varicella Zoster Virus remains in the sensory ganglia. VZV typically remains inactive and reactivates to cause shingles with age related immunosenescence

vaccine  Challenges

Safety.  Supply.  Efficacy.

Curevo Advantage

Curevo’s goal is to develop a Shingles vaccine with a better safety profile, production yields and equivalent effectiveness to that of the leading subunit vaccine on the market.

Curevo is uniquely positioned to meet all three of these challenges

CRV-101 Clinical Trials


The CRV-101-100 trial was conducted to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of the investigational vaccine CRV-101 vs. placebo (saline) in healthy adult subjects aged 18 to < 50.



The next phase of clinical development for CRV-101 will evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity in the older adults age group (aged 50+ years). Target for phase 2 start is early 2021.